Weekend for Women

Friday night and Saturday morning, I attended the Yellowstone Valley Weekend for Women.  I kicked it off early by attending the Expo, browsing, networking and talking with various women.  Then I attended the stand-up comedy event.  The comedienne was funny, but most of the humor was difficult for me to identify with, as it was geared towards being a wife and mother.  I think, had the comedienne told more jokes about being a woman in general, everyone would have identified.  But there were handsome men in tuxes serving us beverages and desserts.  There was also a sponsored fashion show, which was interesting too.  Most of the clothes weren’t my cup of tea, but it was kind of fun to see the “local fall fashions.”  

Saturday morning was ideal weather (a golden, sunny September morning) for a 5k.  We went on a very hilly course from the lower parking lot at the Metra, all the way to the tunnel under Yellowstone River Rd. and back.  I walked with three other ladies (Staci, Robin and Allison) and for nearly half of the course, everything was going fine. Then I started getting a horrible blister on the back of my left ankle and had to stop to adjust my shoe and sock.  It was right about this point that a woman pushing a lady in a wheelchair passed us.  And I realized we were probably the last people in the walk now.  But I really couldn’t have done anything without a band-aid.  Several times we thought about turning around and going back, but I said to myself that I didn’t care about the pain; I was going to finish the 5k in its entirety.  And so I got the endorphins going and hobbled the rest of the way.  We finished last!  But the weather was beautiful, the scenery (for the most part) was lovely, the company was terrific.  In the end, I had several blisters and a few aches and pains.  I don’t even want to disclose how much sleep I required to catch up from being on the road all week, the event on Friday night and the 5k on Saturday.  But it was all worth it!

All in all, the event was run very well, the vendors were very generous and kind, there were strong, successful women in the crowd, cheering one another on.  It was definitely an estrogen fest worth attending and I would highly encourage all women in the area to attend next year!  Thanks to all who made it possible.

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